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TNT Utang Load 5 Pesos: SOS/SakloLoad Promo Code

You'll never know when you will run out of load, and suddenly pop! "Check operator services".And it so happen there are no Talk N Text outlet around, you would ask your friend to load your cell phone but the problem is you can't contact them. 

Well, TNT has a fix for that, the promo (Credit load) will give you four (4) text to SMART or Talk N Text subscriber, and 1 peso that can be use as a regular load

Talk N Text Unlimited Internet Promo: UNLI 50

Good day TNT subscribers, unli internet is indeed a quite need nowadays, specially if most of your time needs to be spent online.Well, Talk N Text has a promos for that, featuring the UnliSurf Promo which gives 1 day unlimited access online, including downloads, Facebook, and online games. 

Since it has no bandwidth capping you can enjoy a whole day without worrying to much about disconnection, just be sure to have strong signal to avoid frequent disconnection.

TNT 3 Days Unlimited Text Promo: U30

This promo (U30) will basically give three days of unlimited texting, and free 15 minutes of call which can be use to both SMART and Talk N Text subscribers.

Using a simple math 3 days = 30 pesos which means you'll be spending 10 pesos per day for unli text to TNT and SMART. 
Not to mention the 15 minutes free call, and you can use 5 minutes of call per day (optional) not bad huh?

TNT 5 Days Unlimited Call Promo: T100

Its very rare for Talk N Text to offer such promo. 
Well, anyway its here and still working, T100 will give you 5 days of unlimited call non-stop. To time limit, but there is a particular time of the day to call. 

The unli call promo can also be used by SMART subscribers. 
Sure, this unli call promo can help a lot if you need to call everyday, and from time to time.

Talk N Text Alkansya Promo

Today, we have to save money whatever it takes, so the Talk N Text is helping you to do it.  Not just in bank, but in your own mobile phones!. With this promo, you can earn points for every time you buy load for your mobile phone numbers. The points you earned are convertible to load.

Talk N Text: Araw-Araw LOAD30 Promo Code

It's already Friday! Why don't you try to register this promo of Talk N Text!

New from Talk N Text, for three days, you can have unlimited texts plus 30 minutes calls to Smart and TNT friends valid for 3 days (10minutes are allowed for day). 

TNT Piso FB Internet Promo: Access Facebook For 1 Peso

Everybody likes Facebook, actually 8 of every 10 Filipinos (I think) has Facebook accounts. 
Since Facebook is a huge market, Talk n Text has come up with a brilliant idea, sharing the PISOFB promo, which means you can access Facebook using your mobile phone or smartphone for only 1 peso. 

Talk N Text Opera UnliSurf Promo: Unli Opera Mini

Since mobile phone and smartphones are mostly internet enabled nowadays, TNT has come up another promo called Opera Mini Unli Surf promo.
The promo basically gives user unlimited internet connection on their hand held devices. 
Depending on the promo, the unli opera mini will shoot a minimum of 1 day unlimited (minimum) internet using Opera browser, and 30 days unlimited internet (maximum). 

Originally, this promo came from SMART, and since TNT and SMART are partners or whatever. Talk n text will also support the promo on its network.

Talk N Text Unlimited Internet Promo: Unli50

The Unli50 or Unli Surf promo of talk n text will boost a whole day of unlimited internet connection.
Using your internet enabled mobile phone or smartphones, you can enjoy a whole day of entertainment and fun without thinking about bandwidth limit and capping. 

TNT Call and Text Promo TOT10, TOT15, TOT20, TOT30

This promo is intended for Talk N Text users that doesn't need unli text and unli calls services. 
Depending on the amount registered, the promo will work well for frequent call and text for the day. 
By registering to Patok-O-Tex, instead of paying 7 pesos per minute call, the promo will convert the cost to 50 cents per minute which can be used to both TNT and SMART subscribers. 
Per text charge will also be converted to Php0.50 per text instead of Php1.00 per text. 
The promo will be in various amounts; Patok-O-Tex-10 (TOT10); Patok-O-Tex-15 (TOT15); Patok-O-Tex-20 (TOT20); Patok-O-Tex-30 (TOT30).

Talk N Text Call and Text Promo: Gaan All-in-One

This post will be a big update in our TNT promo list, it will consist of various call and text combo promos which have been gathered from Talk N Text official site and different blogs in the Philippines. 
This promo will give you hundreds of text to all networks (not unlimited), depending on the promo subscribed, each promo will have their particular minutes of call. 

Suitable for Pinoys who has different friends from different networks, the promo also works well on Businessman who runs an online stores that's need to text various clients in different networks, not to mention the free call which will come in handy.
Without further delay, let's share a consolidated list of Talk N Text, Gaan All-in-One call and text promo combos.

Talk N Text Unlimited Text Promo For P3 Only: U3

One thing I like about this promo is that you'll get 3 hours to send to unlimited text to SMART, and Talk N Text subscribers. 
The cheapest TNT promo rate so far, imagine for only 3 pesos you can send hundreds of message, but of course in a limited time. 

Suitable for emergency purposes which you need to text a couple of people on that particular time frame, or you just feel like texting for 3 hours. 
To compute, it would be 1 peso/hour cost.

Talk N Text Unlimited Text Promo P5 Only: U5

Another great promo from Talk N Text, the U5 will boost 1 day unlimited text to TNT and SMART subscribers. 
Suitable for everyone who likes to text all day, or someone having business that needs to contact various clients, then this is perfect for you. 

This 2013 promo code is simple to memorize, since it will only consist of two characters (U5); and we all know that there are vast numbers of Talk N Text promo which only few of them are known by most of us.

Talk N Text Unli Call and Text For P10: UTNT

Just found another Talk N Text promo that will surely fit to any pocket, the promo will give you 1 day unlimited call and unlimited text, which can be used to Talk N Text subscribers only. 
Suitable to anyone who has lots of TNT subscriber friends. 
A very sulit promo that will save you lot of cash, but UTNT doesn't come as a perfect promo, it has downfalls as well which we will share shortly.

Talk N Text Unli Call, Unli Text Promo: KaTok-at-TEX25

This promo is called Katok-At-Tex25, the promo basically gives Talk N Text subscribers a unlimited call to TNT partner, and unlimited text to any SMART and Talk N Text subscribers. 
Since it has no timely conditions, you can use this promo any time of the day, suitable for couples who likes to talk all day, since the Katok-At-Tex25 unlimited call can only be used to a particular TNT subscriber. 
And the unlimited call for wantosawa text all day to SMART and TNT subscribers.

TNT Text Promo: GaanTxt10

This Talk 'N Text promo code will give you 100 text to TNT and SMART subscribers. Suitable for non power texter who just needs a couple of text for the day. 

The 100 text messages can also be used to send MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) messages, instead of paying 1 peso per MMS, additionally it has 10 free text to all networks, GaanTxt10 is enough to send some small videos, and pictures. 
Sulit na sulit!

TNT Unlimited Text To All Networks 1 Month

We previously share 1 month unlimited text to TNT/SMART subscribers only, this time lets focus on sending text to All networks which comprises of SMART, Talk N Text, Globe, TM, RED, SUN subscribers. 
Imagine the big savings you will get by availing such promo. 

Although this promo code is a little pricey for ordinary people, the U300 will work best if your line of business requires communication in various networks. 
Anyway, lets proceed on how to avail the 1 month unlimited text promo to all networks.

Talk N Text 1 Month Unlimited Text UnliTXT150

Looking for 1 month unlimited text?
You've got the right place, since we are going to share a TNT 1 month unli text code.
Different people have different needs, 1 month unlimited text is suitable for those guy's who can't sleep without texting :P 
Anyway, the unli promo is obviously good for 1 month of use, which can also be use to text SMART subscribers, take advantage of this promo, since you will really save money by subscribing in such promo, how? 

AP20:Talk N Text 1 Day Unlimited Call And Text 2013

Looking for Talk N Text unlimited call promo is quite hard to find, but thanks to TNT official website, I've discovered a rare code which boosts unlimited call and text for TNT subscribers valid for 1 day. 

But there are some condition to follow. You can use the promo code only during 10am to 10pm and 12nn to 6pm. Suitable for your nocturnal buddies. 

The AP 20 can be availed by following the code below.

AL 30: Talk N Text (TNT) Unli Text With Free Call and Internet

First post in this blog, this new TNT promo is for budget aware Filipinos, suited for students and office worker.
The new promo of Talk n Text has unlimited text offer, plus 30minutes of call, and 30 minutes of mobile internet.