TNT Unlimited Text To All Networks 1 Month

We previously share 1 month unlimited text to TNT/SMART subscribers only, this time lets focus on sending text to All networks which comprises of SMART, Talk N Text, Globe, TM, RED, SUN subscribers. 
Imagine the big savings you will get by availing such promo. 

Although this promo code is a little pricey for ordinary people, the U300 will work best if your line of business requires communication in various networks. 
Anyway, lets proceed on how to avail the 1 month unlimited text promo to all networks.

  • 300 pesos load
  • Phone
  • Your fingers. :P

How to register U300 unli text promo?
  1. Type U300 and send to 4545.
  2. Wait for the confirmation message.
  3. Enjoy your one month unlimited text load to all networks.
  4. Amount: Php300.00
  5. Validity: 1 month

Note: U300 promo of Talk N Text is valid only for one month from date of subscription, the unli text load can also be used to text SMART subscribers.

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