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Talk N Text Unli Call, Unli Text Promo: KaTok-at-TEX25

This promo is called Katok-At-Tex25, the promo basically gives Talk N Text subscribers a unlimited call to TNT partner, and unlimited text to any SMART and Talk N Text subscribers. 
Since it has no timely conditions, you can use this promo any time of the day, suitable for couples who likes to talk all day, since the Katok-At-Tex25 unlimited call can only be used to a particular TNT subscriber. 
And the unlimited call for wantosawa text all day to SMART and TNT subscribers.

  1. Cell Phone
  2. Php25.00 load

How to register to KatokAtTex25:
  • Type KT25 and send to 4545.
  • Wait for confirmation message.
  • Enjoy your 1 day unli call and unli text.
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Amount: P25.00

How to call using Katok-At-Tex25?
To call your TNT partner, dial *8585 + 11 digit number.

Only one call partner is allowed.
The unli text can be used to text both SMART, and Talk 'N Text.
Sa KaTok-at-TEX, lagi ka ng makakreply o tawag sa mga ka-tropa kahit wala kang load!

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