TNT Utang Load 5 Pesos: SOS/SakloLoad Promo Code

You'll never know when you will run out of load, and suddenly pop! "Check operator services". And it so happen there are no Talk N Text outlet around, you would ask your friend to load your cell phone but the problem is you can't contact them. 

Well, TNT has a fix for that, the promo (Credit load) will give you four (4) text to SMART or Talk N Text subscriber, and 1 peso that can be use as a regular load
But since this is a credit load (SakloLoad) it doesn't come free, and 5 pesos will be deducted on your next top-up.
  • Dial 7572 then hit call.
  • Wait for the confirmation message, that you receive the 4 text to SMART/TNT.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: Free at first, then PHP 5.00 deduction on your next load.

  • Having an outstanding balance will void the promo, be sure you paid the previous balance to avail again.
  • The numbers presented above (7572) are subject to change, an update will be posted when that happens.

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