Talk N Text Unlimited Text Promo P5 Only: U5

Another great promo from Talk N Text, the U5 will boost 1 day unlimited text to TNT and SMART subscribers. 
Suitable for everyone who likes to text all day, or someone having business that needs to contact various clients, then this is perfect for you. 

This 2013 promo code is simple to memorize, since it will only consist of two characters (U5); and we all know that there are vast numbers of Talk N Text promo which only few of them are known by most of us.
  1. Cell Phone
  2. Php5.00 load
  3. Maintain 1 peso load (just in case)

How to register to U5:
  • Type U5 and send to 4445
  • Wait for message for confirmation
  • Enjoy your one day unlimited text to Talk N Text, and SMART subscribers.
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Amount: P5.00

The unli text promo can also be used to text SMART subscribers.
For TNT Champion SIM users only.
The cheapest TNT promo for unli text category.
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