Talk N Text Alkansya Promo

Today, we have to save money whatever it takes, so the Talk N Text is helping you to do it. 
Not just in bank, but in your own mobile phones!.
With this promo, you can earn points for every time you buy load for your mobile phone numbers. The points you earned are convertible to load.
How to do it:
  • First, you have activate you Alkansya by texting:
  • ALKANSYA      Send to   4184
  • Downloading the Alkansya menu and you automatically get a Php 5.00 Alkansya load
  • You can load it to your own number by simply :
  • Go to Menu >>> Alkansya >>>> Pasarili
  • The load from your Alkansya will automatically transfer to your mobile phone number.
Your Alkansya is now activated, so just remember this amount of load and the amount of points or load you will earn.

By loading:
  • 15 pesos of load you can earn 0.50.
  • 30 pesos of load you can earn 0.30.
  • 50 pesos of load you can earn 0.50.
  • 60 pesos of load you can earn 0.60.
  • 100 pesos of load you can earn 1.00.
(For some other instructions and understanding, please refer to the text messages that the Talk N Text sent (will send) to you)

So, let's save more points, to save load money..!


  1. why is it that you loaded much and the equal load of it is so small?
    like 15 pesos load is equal to .50 centavos only?
    how can I deactivate my alkanya?

  2. kaya pala walang menu , andun pala sa restaurant ninakaw nila


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