Talk N Text: Araw-Araw LOAD30 Promo Code

It's already Friday! Why don't you try to register this promo of Talk N Text!

New from Talk N Text, for three days, you can have unlimited texts plus 30 minutes calls to Smart and TNT friends valid for 3 days (10minutes are allowed for day). 
3days unlimited texts promo
Not just that, you are also allowed to surf the net and connect with your friends in FB or Twitter for 10 minutes each day.
Your weekends is not that "BORING" anymore, because you can now text your friends, call them and even browse the net!

This is how you do it.

  • Your mobile or smartphone
  • GPRS/3G enable or active (for the internet surfing)
  • 30 peso load
How to Register:
  • Text AL30 Send to 4545
  • Wait for the confirmation of your registration
  • After receiving, enjoy your 3-day unlimited texts!

How to use the Call:
After you got your confirmation message, you can use the call by simply dialing
*6565 + 11-digit (TNT/SMART)
ex. *656509072222222

You are just allowed to use the call for only 10minutes each day.
Same with the internet surfing, 10minutes allowed for 1 day.

Enjoy it mga katropa!

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