Talk N Text Unlimited Internet Promo: UNLI 50

Good day TNT subscribers, unli internet is indeed a quite need nowadays, specially if most of your time needs to be spent online. Well, Talk N Text has a promos for that, featuring the UnliSurf Promo which gives 1 day unlimited access online, including downloads, Facebook, and online games. 

Since it has no bandwidth capping you can enjoy a whole day without worrying to much about disconnection, just be sure to have strong signal to avoid frequent disconnection.
Another great news, UnliSurf50 can also be used on laptops or netbooks, below are requirements and instructions on how to do it.

Must have:
  • SMART Bro (USB Dongle) or Any unlock USB Broadband
  • Talk N Text SIM
  • Promo subscription.

How to:
  • After inserting the TNT SIM to the USB Dongle, change the APN to "Internet" without quotes.
  • Change the network to WCDMA only, to avoid drop to 2G connectivity.

How to register to UnliSurf promo code:
  • Type UNLI 50 and send to 211
  • Validity: 24 hours
  • Amount: Php50.00
  • Enjoy infinite surfing whole day, downloading, and online gaming. You can even share your internet connection if you have a WiFi hotspot device.

  • Promo is available for all SMART and Talk N Text subscribers.
  • Maintain 1 peso to while subscribed to the promo.
  • TNT SIM must be GPRS/3G activated, with right settings/configuration on your cell phone.

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