TNT Call, Text, Internet Promos: Complete List 2013

Tired of looking for individual promos? Well, not today. Sharing a compilation of latest Talk N Text promos stating January 1 up to the latest promos of TNT so far. The promos includes unlimited text, text only promos, unlimited call, call only promos, unlimited internet, internet only promos, and many more. Feel free to share to fellow TNT subscribers.
talk n text promos

Talk N Text Text Promo List and Registration Details

UnliTxt150 Promo
  • To register text U150 and send to 4545
  • 1 month unlimited text to TNT/SMART subscribers.
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Amount: Php150.00

  • To register text U300 and send to 4545
  • 1 month unlimited text to all networks.
  • Validity: 30days
  • Amount: Php 300.00

  • To register text UA20 and send to 4545
  • enjoy 2 days unlimited text to all networks in Philippines.
  • Validity: 2 days or 48 hours
  • Amount: P20

GaanTxt10 (One of my favorite)
  • To register send GT10 to 8855
  • Avail 100 text messages or MMS to SMART/TNT subscribers, with 10 free texts to all networks.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: 10 pesos
  • Note: Maintain 1 peso while using the service.

  • Register using this code: GT20 and send to 4545
  • 200 SMS to all networks, valid for 2 days, for only Php20.00

Talk N Text unlimited text UnliTxt10
  • Register using the following code: U10 and send to 4545
  • Enjoy 1 day of unlimited text to TNT and SMART subscribers.
  • Amount: Php10.00

SangkatuTex15 (Most affordable text-to-all-networks promo)
  • Register using the code: STEX15 and send to 4545
  • 200 text to all networks, which can be use for 2 days.
  • Amount: 15.00

SangkatuTex60 (8.50 pesos per day text on equivalent)
  • To register type STEX60 and send to 4545
  • The promo has 1000 text to TNT and SMART subscribers.
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Amount: Php60.00

Talk N Text Call Promo List 2013

I didn't post all call promos, since some of them can't be used in some areas. These promos are best selected, so just a short list on call promos.

  • To register on this promo: Type STOK15 and send to 4545
  • The promo has 20 minutes of calls to SMART or TNT na pwedeng hati-hatiin.
  • Valid for 2 days
  • Amount: P15

Sangkatutok30 (Best for short time calls)
  • Registration details: Text STOK30 and send to 4545
  • Enjoy 45 minutes of call to Talk N Text and SMART subscribers.
  • Validity: 4 days
  • Amount: PHP30.00

Talk N Text Call and Text Combo Promos

Gaan All-in-One-15
  • To register simply send GA15 to 4545
  • The promo has 150 text to all networks, plus 15 minutes of call to SMART/TNT.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: Php15.00

Gaan All-in-One-20
  • Just like Gaan 15, register using GA20 and send to 4545
  • Enjoy 200 SMS to all networks with 20 minutes of call to Talk N Text or SMART subscribers.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: P20.00

Gaan All-in-One-30
  • As the value increases, so as the benefits. To register text GA30 and send to 4545
  • Gaan 30 has 300 text to all networks, plus 30 minutes of call to SMART or TNT.
  • Valid for 2 days, for only 30 pesos (P30)

Gaan All-in-One-55
  • The best among the Gaan promo, to register to Gaan 50, text GA55 and send to 4545
  • Enjoy 550 SMS to all Philippine networks, with 55 minutes of call, which can be use for 3 days.

Patok-O-Tex-10 (Cheapest call promo rate P0.50 only) (TOT10)
  • Register using this code, TOT10 and send to 4545
  • Avail 50 cents per minuted call, and per text, or 20 minutes total call or 20 SMS messages.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: Php10.00
  • To call on TOT 10 dial *3535 + 11 digit SMART/TNT number.

Patok-O-Tex-15 (TOT15)
  • Same as TOT10, to register send TOT15 and send to 4545
  • A total of 30 minutes call or 30 text. P0.50 per minute call and text.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: P15.00
  • To call dial *3535 + 11 Talk N Text or SMART number.

Patok-O-Tex-20 (TOT20)
  • To register to TOT20, send TOT20 to 4545
  • Enjoy a total of 40 minutes of call or 40 texts.
  • Note: 1 text will cost 1 minute call, ex. Sending text 5 messages will make you available call 35 minutes left.
  • Valid for 1 day, for only Php20
  • To call on TOT20, dial *3535 + 11 numbers.

Patok-O-Tex-30 (TOT30)
How to register: Type TOT30 and send to 4545
A total of 60 minutes call or text to SMART/TNT subscribers.
Can be use for 2 days, at a price of P30.00
To call: Use TOT20 dialing code.

Unlitxt Extra30 (U30)

  • Register using these code, U30 send to 4545
  • The promo has 3 days unlimited text to Talk N Text and SMART friends, with 15 minutes call also available for 3 days.
  • Amount: Php30.00

Gaan UnlitxtPlus 15 (GU15)
  • These promo has 15 minutes call, and 1 day unlimited text to fellow SMART/Talk N Text subscribers.
  • To register, type Gu15 and send to 4545
  • Amount: 15.00 pesos

UnlitalkPlus 20 (T20)
  • To register to T20, simply type T20 and send to 4547.
  • Enjoy unlimited text, with unlimited call during 10:00PM to 5:00PM only.
  • Valid for 1 day, at Php20.00 promo cost.

Talk N Text Mobile Internet Promo
  • TNT Unlisurf 50 (Unli 50)
  • Registration code: Unli (space) 50 and send to 211.
  • Enjoy unlimited internet, no capping, no limit, no registration, just plain fast internet connection.
  • Validity: 24 hours
  • Promo price: 50 pesos

Talk N Text Unlimited Facebook

  • To register: Text FB to 211
  • Enjoy unlimited Facebook for 1 day, for only Php10.00
  • Note: Available only on Java phones, and you need to install the Facebook Mobile App.

Always On Promo
  • If you love to access the internet from time to time, Always-On is for you.
  • Register using: ON (space) 20 and send to 2200.
  • It has 45MB of data for surfing, streaming, and most internet activities.
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: P20

Yahoo! Unli Promo of Talk N Text
  • The Yahoo unli promo will enable your phone to access Yahoo Mail, and Messenger via mobile browser.
  • To register: Type Yahoo! (space)  Unli and send to 211
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Amount: PHp15.00


  1. it would be nice also if you include the format on how to make a call using those promos.

  2. may kailangan pa bang i-set sa unli 50 like sa settings? di ko kasi ma-access googleplay ko even fb po eh.

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  4. bakit hindi magagamit yung *4545 na pang call!>?????

  5. wala naba kyong mas mura na promo?

  6. anung idadadayal po sa unlitalk&text10 na send by 308..bat walang pong naklagay...?

  7. incomplete details of confirmation lagi ang nakalgay pag nagpapaload ako..nidi nagagamit please be update on us in order to inform us asap please...sayang lang poh yung load,,,send by 308 without dial or * sign on how to call

  8. pwede po bang gamitin ang promong TEXT50 to 6406 sa sim card na TNT???


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