Affordable TNT GAANTXT Promos

New from Talk N Text. Affordable Talk N Text GAANTXT10 and GAANTXT20 Promo.

Gives you number of texts to all TNT/Smart subscribers plus free texts to all networks.
Want to register to this? Scroll down below for more information regarding this promo.
tnt gaantxt 10 and 20
How to register to TNT GAANTXT promo?


  • TNT SIM/Subscribers
  • Php10 load for GAANTXT10
  • Php20 load for GAANTXT20
  • Registration codes
To register to TNT GAANTXT, you must choose what promo you want to avail and text the following code:

GT10 and sen it to 8855
Enjoy sending 100 texts messages (SMS or MMS) to all TNT and SMART subscribers PLUS 10 free texts to all networks, and that is valid for 1 day!

GT20 and send it to 4545
Gives you 200 Texts to ALL Networks and that is valid for 2 days.


  • Please wait for the confirmation messages before sending texts.
  • Text message will be send if your subscription is already expired.
Also available TNT GAAN UNLITXT PLUS promo.

*This promo is only available and valid to all TNT Subscribers nationwide.

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