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Talk N Text GAAN UnliTxt Plus Promo

Looking for the complete list of TNT GAAN Unlitxt plus promo? Here it is.
Talk N Text offers you GAAN Unlitxt Plus. Unlimited Texts to all TNT and Smart subscribers plus minutes of calls
An affordable offer by Talk N Text to its loyal subscribers.
Want to subscribe to this promo? 
Just choose what GAAN UnliTxt you like and follow the simple instructions below:

List of GAAN UnliTxt Plus

Gaan UnliTxt Plus 20: 1-day
Gaan UnliTxt 20
Enjoy 1-day of unlimited texts plus 10-minutes of calls to all TnT and Smart subscribers for only P20.00
How to register to Gaan UnliTxt 20? Just text,
GU20 and send it to 4545

Gaan UnliTxt Plus 30: 2-days
Gaan UnliTxt 30
This unlimited texts and 20 minutes of call to all TnT and Smart subscribers for only P30 is valid for 2-days.
How to subscribe to Gaan UnliTxt 20 Plus? Just text
GU30 and send it to 4545

GAAN UnliTxt Plus 55: 3-days
GAAN UnliTxt 55
Get Unlimited texts and 30 minutes of call to all your Smart & TNT friends for 3-days for only P55.
How to register to GAAN UnliTxt 55 Plus? Simply text
GU55 ans send to 4545

GAAN UnliTxt Plus 99: 7-days/1-week
GAAN UnliTxt 99 Plus 7-days
Send Unlimited text and make 40-minutes of calls to you Smart & TNT friends for only P99.00! This promo is valid for 7-days/1-week!
How to subscribe to GAAN UnliTxt 99 Plus? Just simply text
GU99 and send it to 4545

How to use the GAAN Unlitxt Call?
If you subscribed to GAAN Unlitxt Plus, you'll get a free minutes of call depends on the promo you choose. You can use your free call by dialing:
*4546 + TnT / Smart number
ex. *454609191234567

  • Please wait for the confirmation message before sending texts and making calls.
  • Once your registration is success, you can now enjoy your unlimited texts to all TNT/SMART.
  • Sending texts to other networks will be charged to your regular load.
*This promo is only valid and available to all TNT Subscribers nationwide.


  1. ayaw nmn ung gaan unli txt plus 99 ung call niya tpos sv nya *4545 tpz tnype ko yan plus ung number ng tatawagan ko ...tpz sv nya ur number is not completed plz check ur number before u dial..tpz chineck ko nmn tama nmn poh

  2. b0b0! dapat *4546 ! t@nga ! palibhasa jejemon kaya engot! #pakyu


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