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Talk N Text UnliText to ALL Networks Promo

Talk N Text gives you new offer. The UNLITXT2ALL
Enjoy sending UNLIMITED TEXTS TO ALL NETWORKS for as low as Php20 valid for 2 days and Php300 for 30 days/1 month.
If you want cheap and affordable unlitext to all, choose wisely. Try this.

unlitext to all
Want to register to this promo? Select your validity and text the following codes.

How to register to TNT Unlimited Texts to ALL Networks?


  • TNT SIM/Subscribers
  • Php20 for 2 days
  • Php300 for 30 days/1 month
  • Registration codes  
2 Days Unlimited Texts to ALL / UNLITXT2ALL 20
UA20 and send it to 4545
Enjoy you 2 days Unlimited Texts to all netwroks!

30 days / 1 month Days Unlimited Texts to ALL / UNLITXT2ALL 300
UA300 and send it to 4545
Enjoy you 30 days/1 month unlimited texts to all networks!

  • Please wait for th confirmation message before sending texts messages.
  • Text message will be send if your subscription is over.
*Only valid and available to all Talk N Texts Subscribers nationwide.


  1. ang hirap naman pala mag Register jan sa UA300 e,.. >.< sayang lang ung pag papaload ko.. >.<

    "Sorry, svc cant be process due to # of users..."

    kaka badtrip!!

    1. kapag ba globe ano ba maganda promo for 1 month?

    2. kristelle louize eto ate try muh UAT30 send to 3545 Unlimited to all network valid 5 days

    3. Mag.smartbuddy nlang kayo MEGA250 unli text to all network for 1mo, 100mb data at 72mins calls to smart and tnt user

    4. 180 minutes call yun. trinet calls

  2. oo nga, hirap magregister ngayon

  3. Plz!. make the UA300 not only unlimited text to all network for 30 days, but plz add a free call for smart and talk n text subscriber...tnx!

  4. please make a sort of discount to ua300..

  5. gumagana pa ba ung ua300? year2013 pa kasi post na ito eh..

  6. Wala bang mas cheap na load good for 1 month mabgat sa bulsa ung 300 ii

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Badtrip tong tnt 5days yung unli ko pang 2days palng ngaun hindi na ako makapag txt .


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