TNT 30-days Unlimited Texts Promo

Looking for cheap unlitext good for 30-days/1-month?
New from Talk N Text, the UnliTxt150 and UnliTxt300. Tipid-Sulit if you are planning to get unlimited in Texts for the whole month.

What is the difference between the UnliTxt150 and UnliTxt300?
If you are going to subscribe for UnliTxt150, you'll get Unlimited Texts to all TNT and SMART Subscribers only for the whole 30-days/1-month.
Now if you want to choose UnliTxt300, you'll also get unlimited texts for 30-days/1-month, BUT not just in TNTs and SMARTs, but UNLIMITED TEXTS ALL-NETWORKS!

How to register in TNT Unlimited Text 1-month or UNLITxt150 or UNLITxt300? Just follow the simple instructions below.
TNT SIM/Subscribers
Php 150.00 load for UnliTxt150
Php 300.00 load for UnliTxt300

To register UnliText150, UnliTexts to all TNT and Smart for 30-days, just text:
U150 and send it to 4545

To register UnliText300, UnliTexts to ALL-NETWORKS for 30-days, just text:
U300 and send it to 4545

  • Please wait for the confirmation message before sending text.
  • Once the registration is success, you can now enjoy you unlimitext for 1-month.
  • Texting to other networks if you are subscribed to UnliTxt150 will be charged to your regular load.
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*This promo is only available to all Talk N Text Subscribers nationwide.

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