TNT PATOK-O-TEXT Complete List

Looking for complete list or guide for the Talk N Text PATOK-O-TEXT Promo?
Well, here it is!
The most affordable Call or text promo from Talk N Text.
WAIS-SULIT for as low as P10, you can have 20-minutes of callS or P0.50 per minute callS or textS. 
How to avail this promo? 
Read some further instructions below!

Complete List and Registration of 

Amount    Days         Minutes                          Registration

P10       1-day        20-min                  text TOT10 and send to 4545
P20       1-day        40-min                  text TOT20 and send to 4545
P30       2-days      60-min/1-hour         text TOT30 and send to 4545
P40       2-days      80-min/1h-20min     text TOT40 and send to 4545
P50       3-days     100-min/1h-40min    text TOT50 and send to 4545
P60       3-days     120-min/2-hours      text TOT60 and send to 4545

How to use TOT calls?
You can use your calls by simply dialing:
*3535 plus TNT or SMART number
ex. *353509307658765

  • Please wait for the confirmation message before making calls.
  • Message will be sent if the number of minutes is all completely used.

*This promo is only valid and available to all Talk N Text Subscribers nationwide.

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