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List of Talk N Text Unli Text, Call Promo For P15

There are many Talk N Text promos, but the problem is which are the best ones. So, I came up with a post about TNT Php15.00 promo. These promos are as usual tried and tested before posting on this blog, and officially an active promo as per Talk N Text is concerned.
What can we imagine to buy for P15 this days? A bottle of Coke and a pack of Skyflakes? Not even close. And even if you manage to get those for 15 pesos, I bet it won't last for 10 minutes. But the promos listed here can even last for 2 days, though it won't fill you. Anyway, these promos are for call, unlimited text, text to all networks, but no internet promos.

TNT Promo Call and Text, Unli Text for P10

Compiled Talk N Text promos for best user search, all this promo are for only Php10.00 may it be call or text or even unlimited text. Tried and test by me, and the promos listed here are still active as per Talk N Text Facebook page and official website. P10 nowadays is considered cheap, even a stick of Banana Cue is worth more than that, so why not take the opportunity to save money in registering to a promo. Anyway lets go to the promo codes and details.

TNT PS Call PS Unli: Unli Text or 10 Minutes Call for P5

Along with the famous AL30 Promo of Talk N Text, TNT has released its extension promo called the PSCall and PSUnli, basically you have to choose which promo that you would like to get. For example, subscribe to PScall and you'll get 1 day unlimited text, or subscribe to PScall and you'll have 10 minutes call, each cost Php5.00, anyway you can get both for 10 pesos.

TNT Call Promo for 2 Days Tok Tok 15

I just found a Talk N Text promo that will surely catch your attention, the Tok Tok 15 (Talk Talk) is a call promo which can be use for 2 days. Yes, that's right Php15.00 for 2 days call. Though its not unlimited, the call promo is best use for people who needs short calls at a time. Suitable for online sellers, businessman, or even couples who check each other once in a while.

Talk N Text 2 Days Unli Text To All Networks UA15, GU15

This TNT promo code has been used a couple of times already, the benefits are simple:
Unlimited text to ALL networks, that's right to all networks, which comprises Talk N Text, SMART, SUN, Globe, and TM (Touch Mobile). 

Suitable for heavy texter, and even for any individual who needs to text different networks. 
Without further ado, lets share the promo code.

Talk N Text TRINET Promo: Unli Text To SMART/TNT/SUN

Talk N Text has released a new promo, the Gaan Unli Trio Plus or TRINET, which means the 3 networks run by SMART Communications which is SMART, Talk N Text, and SUN Cellular. By registering to TRI15 you'll get unlimited text to TNT/SMART/SUN networks. And it doesn't only come with the 15 pesos bundle, but also with 20 pesos subscription.

How To Use Load To Buy ePins: Talk N Text Games

Talk N Text has recently announced the Game ePins, basically your using your TNT load to purchase premium items or money, one good example is at League of Legends (LOL) where you can buy Garena Shells. Still the process in purchasing ePins is a little blur, so today, I'm going to show you a simply way to purchase game premiums using your TNT load.