How To Use Load To Buy ePins: Talk N Text Games

Talk N Text has recently announced the Game ePins, basically your using your TNT load to purchase premium items or money, one good example is at League of Legends (LOL) where you can buy Garena Shells. Still the process in purchasing ePins is a little blur, so today, I'm going to show you a simply way to purchase game premiums using your TNT load.
Talk N Text e-pins
  • Balance Inquiry - Use your mobile phones to check your load, by going to SIM menu>Bal. Inquiry. (Make sure to have at least 30 pesos.)
  • Select Your Game - First go to then select the game of your choice.
List of Talk N Text Games e-Pins
TNT Games epins
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TNT Garena shells

How to purchase game premiums? Like Garena Shells.
1. After clicking the game of your choice, select your denomination, then followed by "add to cart" button.
2. Next, click checkout, and the browser will ask your TNT numbers. After that a verification code will appear like "LBRIMC".
3 .Text the code to 3161, ex. LBRIMC to 3161. Wait for the e-Pins via SMS (Text message), and use those pins here



  1. try this link for nuy e pins as sample,

  2. Guys pls fix it. I keep getting the ooppss something went wrong message since last night while purchasing epins. thx


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