TNT Call Promo for 2 Days Tok Tok 15

I just found a Talk N Text promo that will surely catch your attention, the Tok Tok 15 (Talk Talk) is a call promo which can be use for 2 days. Yes, that's right Php15.00 for 2 days call. Though its not unlimited, the call promo is best use for people who needs short calls at a time. Suitable for online sellers, businessman, or even couples who check each other once in a while.

How to register to COL15 (Tok Tok 15):
  • Text COL15 to 4545
  • Amount: 15 Pesos
  • Validity: 2 days
  • 40 quick call to TNT/SMART subscriber divided to 30 seconds each.
  • How to call: *3535 + 11 numbers of TNT/SMART or *4545 + 11 digit. (Instructions will be sent after registration via text.

Sulit di ba? A simple match 40*30=1200 seconds or equivalent to 20 minutes. Though some would say 30 seconds per call is a big hassle, well I guess it depends on your needs. Register na mga Ka-tropang Talk N Text.

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