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TNT Promo Call and Text, Unli Text for P10

Compiled Talk N Text promos for best user search, all this promo are for only Php10.00 may it be call or text or even unlimited text. Tried and test by me, and the promos listed here are still active as per Talk N Text Facebook page and official website. P10 nowadays is considered cheap, even a stick of Banana Cue is worth more than that, so why not take the opportunity to save money in registering to a promo. Anyway lets go to the promo codes and details.

List of Talk N Text Promo for only P10 
(Philippine peso)

TOT10 to 4545 - 20 minutes call or 20 text to all networks, the promo is good for 1 (one) day. To call, just dial *3535 + the 11 numbers of any TNT/SMART subscriber.

U10 to 4545 - Unlimited text to Talk N Text or SMART subscribers which is valid for 1 day

GT10 to 8855 - The famous GaanTxt10 has 100 texts to SMART/TNT partners with free 10 texts to all networks. Confused? When texting to Talk N Text or SMART the 10 free text will not be deducted, as long as the 100 texts has not been consumed yet.

TRI10 to 4545 - This promos has 50 texts to SMART/TNT/SUN subscribers which is valid for 1 day. But take note, the TRI15 promo has more perks to add in a P5 difference.

FB10 to 211 - Originally a SMART unli Facebook promo, but TNT subscribers can also enjoy the promo. FB10 is a 1 day unlimited Facebook for only P10.

UTNT to 4445 - Available only to Talk N Text Champion SIM holders, it has 1 day unlimited call and text to SMART/TNT. Just take note that regular TNT SIM cannot register to this promo, and it is pretty hard to find such SIM.

TXT10 - This is actually part of the P10 promo of Talk N Text, and it is almost the same as GT10 but it only has 5 free text to all networks.

The promos listed above as I've said are all working, in any case you have problem registering to any promo of Talk N Text, just leave your comment below so that we can assist you. Our last words, enjoy lang natin to mga Ka-Tropa na naka talk n text, dahil sa 10 piso mo marami na ang magagawa.


  1. is champion sim promo available in manila

  2. UTNT-UnliCombo10 promo has ended last 02-AUG-14. RC:1028

  3. tsk! NO UTNT! then CHAMPION sim what for? TM has 10 unlicall to tm to globe valid for 1day..

  4. pano to?wala ng UTNT promo? anung silbi ng champion sim nato?=(

  5. Updates for champ sim promos please ...

  6. pano i activate ang 1 month free text

  7. i cannot register any promo my last load was in march 30, 2015 can anyone know?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. try P10 send to 3545 free call and text 1 day pwede pang mag extend

    1. Paano po ung call nya? My code ba na idagdag sa 11numbers. Or direct na mg call na.

    2. To call dial the 11 digit more extend txt EXTEND to 4545

    3. available lang yan sa mindanao e

  10. champion user ako, iba ang codes for unli call in mindanao area at iba rin sa visayas area.. sa luzon, wala nang gumagana.. nasa luzon ako per normal na promo nlng nang tnt ang naavail ko like u10.... sa mindanao gumagana ang utnt, u5 at u10.. sa visayas (cebu) , gumagana ang ua10 3545 at utnt 4445. ....

  11. Sana gumana ulit ang p10 much better kasi na un ang gamit pwde pa syang iextend

  12. bakit hindi aku maka unli ng P10 send to 3545...kac diku na extend ..bat sa ilocos pwede..

  13. bakit dito sa manila hindi ko ma register ng P10 sent to 3545 na yan pero sa ilocos walang problema SMH

  14. why i cannot subscribes to p10

  15. bakit hindi na makapagsubscribe ngayon sa p10 to 3545


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