TNT PS Call PS Unli: Unli Text or 10 Minutes Call for P5

Along with the famous AL30 Promo of Talk N Text, TNT has released its extension promo called the PSCall and PSUnli, basically you have to choose which promo that you would like to get. For example, subscribe to PScall and you'll get 1 day unlimited text, or subscribe to PScall and you'll have 10 minutes call, each cost Php5.00, anyway you can get both for 10 pesos.

To register to PSUnli
  • Text PSUNLI and send to 4545
  • 1 day unlimited text to TNT/SMART subscribers.
  • Amount: Php5.00
Note: Only allowed for current AL30 subscribers. 

To register to PSCall
  • Text PSCALL and send to 4545
  • 10 minutes call to SMART or Talk N Text friends.
  • Amount: 5 Pesos
  • Validity: 1 day
  • How to call: Dial *6565 + 11 numbers of any TNT/SMART
Note: Applicable only to AL30 subscribers.

Remember, this is just an extension of AL30 (Araw-Araw load promo of Talk N Text) You may register on the last day of the promo to continue the service. You may choose only one of the selected promo or both, its up to you my friend (Ka-Tropa).

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  1. Hello . I'm a smart user can I also use PSUNLI ??? If not, does smart have a 5pesos until text promo??? Thank you and God Bless.


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