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Showing posts from June, 2014

TNT International Text Promo 2014

Tired of texting your love ones abroad for P15 per text? How about try this promo of Talk N Text the Kamustext promo for only Php20.00 with 8 international text and is good for 1 day. This international text promo will only cost you P2.50 per text, a huge savings for those who frequently text abroad. Sure, there is Facebook and Skype but WIFI and data services has its limitation specially on remote areas in the Philippines where there is no 3G coverage.

TNT Extra Call, Text, Text to All For P5 Promo

KaTropa a new promo extension has been implemented by Talk N Text, the promo is called "Extra Promo". Basically, you'll register to a specific promo and follow by subscribing to Extra Promo. This will extend your current promo or avail various extras like extra 50 text to SMART/TNT, extra 25 text to all networks or extra 10 minutes call to SMART/TNT all for P5.00 only.

TNT International Call For P3 Per Minute Promo

Another promo has been released by Talk N Text, this time to cater the needs of communication to international level. Though there are vast ways to communicate to your love ones abroad (like Skype, Facebook) nothing can been an IDD (International Direct Dialing) services, why? You don't need internet just load, it is so convenient since you can call abroad even on remote areas in the Philippines.

TNT FB2 Promo: Facebook Access For P2 Only

Good news KaTropang Talk N Text, a new promo has been released for some time, FB2 promo of Talk N Text. Yep! That's right, enjoy surfing Facebook for only Php2.00, seems like good to be true right? Well, the promo is true but t requires certain procedure to enjoy this very cheap Facebook promo which I will share how on this post.