TNT International Text Promo 2014

Tired of texting your love ones abroad for P15 per text? How about try this promo of Talk N Text the Kamustext promo for only Php20.00 with 8 international text and is good for 1 day. This international text promo will only cost you P2.50 per text, a huge savings for those who frequently text abroad. Sure, there is Facebook and Skype but WIFI and data services has its limitation specially on remote areas in the Philippines where there is no 3G coverage.
Kamustext TalkNText promo
Registration is so simple, just follow the steps and your good to go.
  • For instance: Just text KT20 to 433
  • To text abroad send to: <2521><00><Country Code><Mobile Number>
  • Example: 25210019171234567
  • Amount: P20.00
  • 8 international text valid for 1 day.
  • Country Codes: Talk N Text Country Codes
KT20 to 433
  • List of countries available: USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Guam, Malaysia.
Note: Refer to the link above for country codes. Promo is still working as per ads by TNT.


  1. I love browsing for the most convenient mobile promos for all network. We Pinoys do! I am so excited to share with you about this Google app called Popslide free load in the Philippines. You'd love it too! When you install the app, immediately you will earn 500 points. :) God bless

  2. Where I can see the area code for each country? pls show it easily


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