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Talk N Text Free Internet Promo 2014

Good day KaTropang Talk N Text, we will be having a free internet starting September 26 to November 30, 2014. These are the official announcement of TNT, but it doesn't sound free unlimited at all, because every subscriber will only have 30MB of data per day which means if you accidentally reach 30MB and above TNT will consume your regular load, if possible have Php2.00 load all the time. Details and reminders of the promo are below.

TNT Pasaload Plus: Send Promo Package Via Pasaload

There is a new catch in the Talk N Text community that let's you send promo packages instead of load. Unlike the traditional pasaload, pasaload plus let's you type a suitable promo that will be automatically usable by the receiver, this will lessen the hassle in registering to promo specially if your not so keen on Talk N Text promo codes.

Talk ‘N Text Free Facebook For 7 Days Promo

Good day kaTropang Talk n Text. A new promo has been launched to by TNT but this time your not going to purchase load to avail the promo instead you buy a SIM then follow the instructions below.