TNT Sticker Text: Send Sticker Via SMS/MMS

Fond of using stickers on Viber, Kakaotalk, and other instant messaging services? If yes, then Talk N Text has its own way of letting its subscribers of using that cool feature. This time we wouldn't even need a WiFi or data connection just plain SMS with the right format.
sticker text how to
  • Active MMS to receive incoming sticker: To Activate text SET to 211
  • Any mobile or smart phone
  • No need for extra load, it's totally free.
sticker text logo

  1. Register first to STICKER to 8009
  2. To send sticker type X <space> and send to your KaTropang Talk N Text
    sticker text procedure
  3. The system will generate a sticker depending on your message, otherwise you can choose here:
  4. You must register to any unlimited text promo or text promo to use sticker on your texts.
  5. Enjoy sending free sticker text only on Talk N Text.
    talkntext sticker text

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