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Talk N Text Rewards 2015: Codes & Prizes

Today I will share everything you need to know about TNT rewards system, the mechanics, the points, and most specially the rewards. If you're a loyal Talk N Text subscriber rewards are just waiting for you.
What are the perks of joining the Talk N Text REWARDS?
You can redeem load or promo packages
You can get a movie pass on SM Cinemas with drink and popcorn.
Redeem Krispy Kreme treats e-gift certificates and a whole lot more.
talk n text rewards
Let's get familiar with the codes first!
To register: REWARDS to 9800
To check your points: POINTS to 9800
To redeem rewards: REDEEM <space> ITEM CODE <space> to 9800
To share/send you points: PASAPOINTS <space> Receiver's number <space> number of points send to 9800 (Note: P1.00 load per send.)
Note: one(1) peso load is = 4 points

Redeemable Prizes:

Load/Promo Package Rewards
load promo rewards
Ex. To avail: Unlitxt10 just text REDEEM U10 to 9800

Movie Pass, Discount, Popcorn and Drinks Rewards
sm cinema rewards
Ex. To avail: P100 OFF just text REDEEM 100OFF to 9800

Krispy Kreme e-gift Certificates
krispy kreme rewards
Ex. To avail: P200.00 E-Gift Certificate just text REDEEM EGC200 to 9800

Zalora discount, and Splash Island discounts will soon be announced. Stay tuned for details.
Kaya mag load na ng mag load mga Ka-Tropa, dahil bawat load nyo PANALO!


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  2. panu mag Call sa UA25 + 25mins calls?...anung Asteres un?///

  3. hi po my points po ako na 52 at nagpapasa points po at natanggap ko yung text na succesfull daw pero nung nagbalance ako ng points ko 52 parin]

  4. Ung 88 points q dq man lang nagamit sobrang nkakainis! Everytime na magreredeem qa eto lagi ung reply sa kin ng 9800 "hindi naprocess ang iyong redemption. Rewards ay naibalik na sa'yo. Text ITEMS to 9800 para sa Rewards list" yan lagi narrcv q, ayuin nyo nga toh! Pleeaase!!

  5. ang hirap naman mag check points and mag redeem ng rewards sa tnt. ang daming keme


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