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Showing posts from September, 2015

TNT Maine Load Unli Text To All Networks For P30

Kung si Alden ay may Alden Load, aba meron din naman si Maine a.k.a Yayadub. The promo includes unlimited text to all networks for 5 days and can be extend for 5 pesos per day. The promo may not be that cheap but this is one way to support the "Aldub" love team. And hey! The promo code involve Maine's name, kulit talaga!

Just to add up: This promo can now be combine with T2 to 4545 for 1 day unlimited Twitter for only P2.00. Yep that's right!

TNT Alden Load 1 Day Unli Call For P15

An exquisitely "Kulit Promo" as somebody would say, because the keyword involves "Aldub".  A popular love team in the Philippines that even tops the record in Twitter for having 12M+ tweets. Enough said, the promo is for only P15.00 and valid for 1 day. The Alden Load might not be a cheap promo, but hey you can extend it for only P5.00, here's how!

Talk N Text UnliText + Call + FREE FB 1 day: GAAN UNLITEXTPLUS 15

Ka-tropa, hanap mo ba ay sulit na combo at may unli FB? Sa Talk N Text, may unlitext ka na, may call at Unli FB pa! New from Talk N Text, GAAN UNLITEXTPLUS 15. 

Talk N Text Unli Call & Text 1 Day: Unli Talk&Text 20

Mga ka-tropa, here is the newest and latest, pinakasulit na UNLI-Combo mula sa Talk N Text, UNLI TALK&TEXT 20.