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TNT Free Internet VPN SoftEther No Load No or Promo

Softether VPN is working again on Talk N Text, you just need a TNT SIM card and any modem, pocket wifi, or usb dongle that supports TNT SIM.

Download this first:

  1. Install the VPN client which you can download above.
  2. Add server, choose any of the IP address below, choose port below.
  3. Choose any user below, then set authentication to "Anonymous".
  4. Connect and enjoy free internet.
List of Servers with user and pass (if needed):
Digital Ocean Server (Singapore) -NEW! credits to iyantae245 of mobilarian.
HUB: Mobi-1
HUB: Mobi-2
HUB: Mobi-3
443 / 137 / 500 / 921 / 4000
Auth Type: Anonymous


SIM blocking will occur if you use data excessively (about 2gb and above)
There are areas which using SoftEther won't work on Talk N Text.

More servers to be added, stay tuned and comment below kung may problema.


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