Free YouTube for TNT Internet, Text, Call Promos

tnt free youtube promos 2

Free 1GB or 1 hour YouTube streaming when you register to this promos. The promos varies from call, text, or internet depending on your needs. The most important thing is, it gives your free YouTube access via web or mobile app.

Unli talk & txt 20 - unlimited calls and text to TNT/SMART/SUN with unli texts to all networks with 100 MB for apps; good for 1 day only; just text T20 to 4547.

Unlitext to all 30 - Provides unlimited text to all networks; good for 5 days (recommended); to register text UAT30 to 3545.

UTP150 - Unlimited text with 150 minutes call to TNT/SMART/SUN with additional 150 texts to all networks; this is the best promo so far for free YouTUBE which is good for 30 days; to register just text UTP150 to 4545.

PC60 or Panalo Combo 60 - 500 MB with 100 mins. call for TNT/SMART/SUN, unli text to other networks; good for 7 days (long validity); to register: text PC60 to 4545.

Promos with DATA comsumable + FREE YouTube:

GAANSURF 30 - addtional 200MB for YouTube, FB, Mobile Legends with 300 MB access to all sites and apps; good for 5 days (nice); to register just text GAANSURF30 to 4545.

ALL DAY 20 - This is my favorite promo! 800MB access to all sites and apps, best for playing mobile games; to register text ALLDAY20 TO 4545. Good for 1 day!

GIGA 99 - With 7 days validity and 2GB data allowance + 1GB YouTube (everyday), sadly the data doesn't reset, so you have to manage your consumption. To register text GIGA99 to 4545.

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